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I sooo wanna go and see it

p.s thx to sonja

Inside Nintendo (BBC) whole show

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The Fifth Elephant

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Today I finished reading the fifth elephant, very good book and funny.

On to reading thud!, another discworld book.

Nofx - live in japan

11 mins of nofx. You got to listen to what fat mike says at the start.

Ska wallpaper

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Was listening to Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies - Hotel California and was in a ska mood was I made this simple wallpaper, a quick 10 min job
You can see it here on deviantart

Chippy The Drunk Red Squirrel

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Forgot about that profile
its not me ... honest

My kill the smurfs banner

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mmmmm anyone for roast smurf

Worksop pulp

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... finaly i have a working cut. After weeks of nothing here it is

see the cartoon here!

Linux advert

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Linux rocks!

Lost Bloopers

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This is starting to look like a video blog. I can start by saying its not! its just that theres a lot on google videos. Lost is a good show so thought i would blog this.

Rage against the machine - Renegades of funk

ah comon you know you wanna see che guevara as one of the renegades and then watch the break dancing


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Why i need to go to iceland lol

The best of google video

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This is a site offering a lot of funny videos on googles service :)here

Stuff I been up to this week

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I set up a working blog for arna
(links updated)

Cartoon going no where at the momment, I might just finish it as it is :)
Theres a couple of new pics on my pictures website.

New small cartoon

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just a small funny game like thing

Links updated ... yet again

bens new pictures page
lindas got a new site too (icelandic) with pics