How I tweet from a phone

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There are a number of J2ME Twitter clients out there. Some good, some bad. Some lack options and deemed expensive to run on pay-as-you-go tariff. Loading a friends timeline without a limit takes time and so it becomes "Wait And Pay" wap scenario.

The advantage of using a client to tweet is obviously quicker and cheaper than to send a tweet via text.

jibjib is an open source J2ME Twitter client. Minimum requirements are only CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 1.0. If your phone is Symbian based (Can play java games) and is made sometime after 2001 it should work. I'm guessing 2001 because CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 1.0 had a final release date in 2000. Note: some beta versions of jibjib may require newer versions.

jibjib is very small being only 30-40 KB. You can download timelines. Set a timeline length, @reply easily and setup gateways.

Download the Jad or Jar from and install it on your phone. Open options and set your username & password in setup. After that your ready to tweet.

Another client I have tried is freeware Abiro Jitter. Requiring CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 1.0. It works well for sending tweets. Sadly though it doesn't have a timeline download limit.

The alternative to a client is opening a page with your browser. There are sites that allow twitter access by wap. They work well and you dont have to install anything.

Try opening:
Some will keep you logged in so you wont have to enter your username and password again. All you have to do is bookmark the page.

For anymore clients and pages see
Happy tweeting.

Adnams The Bitter

Pours a clear dark amber brown colour with a thin white head. Aroma is sweet malt, a little caramel, and lemon-like citrus hops. Medium body. Tastes of biscuit sweet malts with bread-like nutty notes. Moderate bitterness. After taste is a dry hop noted finish. 4.5% strength.

Rating: Good.
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: A refreshing hoppy session bitter. Good on tap and bottle.

The Dwarf Crew are back

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I was going to wait and review it later, but I cant wait. In about 7 hours the first part of the new Red Dwarf will be shown on Dave. After ten years and the miserably failed movie attempts, its finally back.

I've been itching to see new episodes since sales of the dvd's always do well, and the endless calls for the movie. Having a 10 year wait a 3 part special is just as good. I'm hoping its not going to be a lifeless remake of itself, but a continuation.

"Red Dwarf" has been a trending topic for most of the day. Seems like dwarfers populate twitter. Even one of the cast are on twitter. Robert Llewllyn who played the Kryten

Red dwarf is on at 9 on Dave. I know right? Dave! Who would have thought.


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Avid comic book fans will like this application, but if your not a comic book reader don't dismay it's a brilliant photo viewer too.

It offers efficient thumbnail previews, full-scale mode, dual pages for those comics, a Manga right to left reading mode, open ZIP and tar archives, bookmark support, image enhancement and plenty of other features you would expect on a generic image viewer.

What I like best is the zoom feature. Its like using a square magnifying glass. The image enhancement is also clever. Changing the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness.

If your looking for a customizable photo viewer or comic book reader and run GNU/Linux. Try it out. Ubuntu users get the latest deb from Other builds, source and more information see the homepage at

LivingSocial Books

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I use the facebook application often. At first I used it to list the books I like, and then I started keeping track of what I've read. Its good for recommendations too.

To get this widget goto For help see
Note: Facebook application users CAN login to the main site.