Song of the week

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Dropkick Murphys - Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced


Irish dricking songs dont get much better than this. Dropkick murphys irish folk punk twist. Play this one at new years eve!

p.s sorry for the language... its just a song


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Posted a review of my new toy

Song of the week

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The clash - Know your rights from combat rock
I know I know its nearly Christmas but bah Christmas songs are boring. Been listening to combat rock album all week and this is one of the best songs on it with Rock The Casbah, Straight to Hell and Ghetto Defendant.

Linux Wallpaper

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Something I put together and posted on getskinned

you can download it from here

Bush video

Very funny video

Metal Slug 5

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love this game. Got it working with MAME.
Im hoping that ill be able to play it on the gp2x if i get one.

Nearly Christmas... once again

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Well its that time of year again... time of college soon to do nothing. Will hopefully be working to get the new cartoon done, I stopped working on it for a bit to get new ideas.
I think I should note that I going to post my fav song of the week on here every Tuesday or Wednesday just so you can get an idea what I been listening to the past week but mainly it will give me a chance to post something.

Hackerslife was 1 year old on 2nd Dec although it never got going till springtime. I will hopefully be posting something on there that I personal have written at some point. I will write something on DSL damn small Linux, what a name. I only got it yesterday... only 50mb and runs within windows. Been trying it out and I got to say I liking it.

For the people that know I have been playing a game called Goonzu ... i still only got a level 15 and a level 12. Pretty fun game. Hard to come of it sometimes.

I really got to try and not post crap on here, I really do. It’s turning into a big mess.

Song of the week

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Standstill - I saw daddy kissing Santa Claus
from: A Santa Cause: It’s a Punk Rock Christmas

I said "Daddys GAY"
Sonja said ".. thats such a gd song"

Hacked typing game - 5 mins hack

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Sonja gave me a typing game so i played it to prove myself.... 5 mins at most to make this score

play it here


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Funny lil game, online rpg

NOFX - Stickin' In My Eye

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Links update

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Had to update links for friends...
Check out arnas pictures
Its kinda like the sister site to my photoblog

New Worksop cartoon on the way

Dont know how long I am going to be with it. Still no talking in it... maybe I will try it out, voice my own cartoons ^_^. Same as always gonna be lots of blood and some chav killing!

Even though this one is not finished I got ideas for the next one, possibly something political and highly offensive

Worksop - I gotta pee

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well here it is... i know some have been waiting a long time!

click here

New blog project

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I have started a new photo blog at


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Got fed up of msn... so got my own irc chat room

Click here to open the java app chat

Panda attack... habbo style

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...stupid retards

Pocket Linux

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Not so "pocket"... it fits on to a CD.
Pretty good package for anyone who wants a slim stright forward OS. Comes with KDE light which is a really good enviroment. It works fine with 128mb and I can really see it working on older machines. It comes with firefox, xchat and all the other Klight apps such as Kword. The installer was easy enough some total beginners may find it a little harder but if you follow the how-to not much can go wrong.

As you can see (again) I played with desktop a little bit.

I might be using this for a college project to network.
You can download a copy from here.

Josh himself - The all mighty wisdom [video]

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Desktop BSD

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Tried out desktop bsd have to say am impressed. Smooth installation, I installed it with a 256Mb although kde works much well with a 512Mb, which is why I wish it had gnome.

As you can see i played with the desktop a little bit.

You can download a copy from
hardware support

Nerd score

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I am nerdier than 90% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

... I really should be working for some software company cough cough ibm :P


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My new desktop theme :P yup its kewl

Google TALK! is here

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is this the msn killer?...

My Fav albums

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1. The Ramones - The Ramones
Changed the way we see punk for ever.

2. The Arcade Fire - Funeral
Took me a while to get into the band, but after 10 times or more i love it

3. The Clash - London Calling
Punk ska album, very kewl tunes.

Thats all I could think off for my top 3 but i got loads more to put into order like The Verve - Urban Hymns, Pink Floyd - The Wall, The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground and Nico, The Ramones - end of the century, Sex pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols.

Love kills

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The Ramones - love kills

Sid was a punk rock king Nancy was a broken queen
Their lives were so glamorous Sid and Nancy were a mess

When you're hooked on heroin Don't you know you'll never win
Drugs don't ever pay You really did it your way

Love kills Love kills Love kills

We still believe in anarchy It makes me so damn angry
Sid and Nancy meant a lot to me You may be dead but your souls are free
Like Romeo and Juliet You two made a pact of death
Like the needle that ya used Sid and Nancy were born to lose
Love kills Love kills Love kills

Sid never meant any harm He shot some dope into his arm
All he wanted was some fun Now she's lying in a pool of blood
Always loaded, always high Why did you have to die?
I'll say one thing is It leaves me with a bitter taste

Love kills Love kills Love kills

Love kills Love kills Love kills

Love kills Love kills Love kills

The songs about the death of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen. If you dont know the tale.. you should [Link]

My Beer is brewed!

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2 weeks till my barley wine is ready for drinking!

Phone themes

I forgot about these. I made 2 phone themes for a sony ericsson T630
like last year. [Link]

MSN contact list back up

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A small tool coded by me to save a msn contact list to a txt file