Football manager 2005 advice

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football manager 2005 giving advice

look at the addictiveness rating

The Last of the Mohicans clips

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This film as some of the best fight scenes ever. It has the best ending I have ever seen in a film. The music is really good too.

By the way this film shows the complete ending

Clearlooks theme for windows

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I have used clearlooks theme on gnome for sometime. Its nice to work in and looks nice so when I found a windows clone in black I jumped at the chance to get to install it. Theres too many theme creators working on getting their work to look like windows vista.

clearlooks on windows

note: You can have the toolbar in black too if you wanted
If you want to install it you need to patch your explorer with UXTheme Multi-Patcher... simple, right!

You can download the theme from

Cartoons on Youtube

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A digguser created a list of playlists of tv shows which include Spongebob, South Park, Ren & Stimpy, Beavis & Butthead. Some clasics too like Tom and Jerry, Road Runner, and Mighty Mouse.

see the list here:

Build your own gateway firewall

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Its not hard, all you need is unix/linux, an old pc, some cables
The guide is on here

The guide states too use an old Pentium 3 but im sure you could use an older machine. The guide uses freeBSD as the OS.

Chris Moyles podcast

Its all of the chris moyles shows cut up and with out music. I cant be bothered to get up in the morning and listen to the chris moyles show... put it back to the afternoons!
This week he was called racist or something like that by Halle Berry, anyways on the podcast he cut out her out completely.


kayak vs a tomcat in iceland

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This was on last week

Ski jumping with cars

Top Gear Olympic Special

Google Image Ripper

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Stop looking at tiny thumbnails and skip to the real thing.

If we search for ubuntu (My favourite linux distro at the moment) we get a group of bigger images related to ubuntu. You can play with the result settings, make the images large and display lots ect ect.

Try it out for yourself at

Lee evans

Bonemian Rhaspody...

Hackerslife Redesign

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Was about time I updated it a little so I took this design and played with it.

Anti-Flag-"The Press Corpse"

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Great punk band on a big record label... madness. But... good song and video.

Installed Ubuntu

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Installed it on my laptop with the existing windows xp on the hard drive. For the first time ever I had no problems setting a linux distro up. The installer was fast, had no problems making space on the windows partition and for a bonus the script I found to run my speedtouch modem on knoppix works just fine. Automatix (Automated GUI installation script) is a blessing for lazy people like me since I didn't have to do anything expect click what I wanted. The script will even download firefox with all the plugins you need and download media plugins that you need to play mp3s and dvds. I never really used gnome as my main interface but hey I like it.

My desktop
Gnome Ubuntu

gnome ubuntu

USB drives work fine and I can connect my gp2x (linux handheld) to it just fine.
Ubuntu with gp2x

I really like this operating system. I have had nothing to do but use it, theres not much to do when setting it up just like every OS should be! Looking forward to the new version when it is out of beta.

Links: Ubuntu website
Automatrix script Great blog worth checking out

Forum project

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Started a forum at

I am hoping to get some users and start a small community. At the moment there is a few topics but I plan for it to be aimed at enthusiast internet surfers, share links, wallpapers, tips, pictures, videos, and blogs

My Ubuntu CD's are here!

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Very easy to use linux operating system
You can request CD's for free at

Ben Kenobi buys a Car

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Its bloody cold...

Telneting into GP2X

The hackerish fun you can with this thing. Firmware 2 has improved usb driver, web server, ftp + telnet, and its own samba. First thing I did when I installed firmware 2 was telnet in, I had to install some windows drivers then switch the usb network on and turn ftp/telnet on.
telnet gp2x

You can now Google...

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...My blog from the top search box. Its still in testing but its working