I like Green king IPA

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Me and ben were drinking an IPA at the mallard last night instead of chocolate stout. Its a dark orange/brown coloured beer with a very rich hop taste. Has to be one of my favourite cask ales I have ever had.
Green king's IPA did win the Gold award at the 2004 Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Great British Beer Festival in the Bitter category and runner up in the Champion Beer Of Britain category.

Rating: I had 5 so it's good
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: Even if green king is turning into an evil corporate money making beer label this is a really good beer.

I'v sold out and moved to new blogger

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I switched for better organization. Yes I ditched the old K2 mod layout for something basic and ready made which is disappointing (and I know someone will say something to me about it because it looks bad: an able web designer using a ready made web page) but it means I don't have to write lines and lines of xhtml/css and have photoshop open all day.

**Edit: Already played with the template. Hacked the old tabs on to this template. Looks good don't it**

Ubuntu Satanic Edition

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...the fu?
Currently a set of themes rather than a distro. About to eat my breakfast/lunch and I noticed something on digg about a distrobution of ubuntu called 'evil edgy'. What it is basically: a responce to Ubuntu Christian Edition. Pointless right? I guessing the Christian edition does stuff like block porn in firefox and so I read it comes with some bible programs.

Anyways satanic edition... It looks pretty good. With themes for gnome/kde versions of ubuntu.

Get themes from here parker1.co.uk/satanic/installation

New photo blog

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Started a new one for a new year at photoforamonth.blogspot.com. You can get to it by the above tabs. Arna might be adding her own pictures to it too.

Other Links:

Whats the point of AmigaOS 4.0

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...When you have open source operating systems like linux, AROS or dragonfly bsd (amiga inspired bsd unix) that can run on anything...

I just cant see the point in an updated 20 year old operating system. Not saying I wouldn't try it out, far from it. I would download it and try emulating it on windows/Linux if I could. To run it on its own hardware would require 'unique hardware'. You can buy a refurbished Amiga A1200 that can run AmigaOS 3.5 or 3.9 for £95. Again I dont see why anyone would want to fork out on buying old hardware to run this. A lot Unix/Linux OS's can run on anything old or new from Ipods, consoles and a load of microprocessors.

If you use to use amigaOS or thinking about it go use something open source and intel compatible like Amiga Research Operating System (AROS).

"AROS is a portable and free desktop operating system aiming at being compatible with AmigaOS 3.1, while improving on it in many areas. The source code is available under an open source license, which allows anyone to freely improve upon it."

Funny Swedish lessons

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Ben you need these...
Mastering Swedish Lesson 1:

Mastering Swedish Lesson 2:

Mastering Swedish Lesson 3:

Mastering Swedish Lesson 4:

Mastering Swedish Lesson 5:

Cheers Arna

Hockey and a few changes

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I went to see the ice hockey with Ben and Nikki on Saturday. The panthers lost to Manchester but it was close. Fight in the first 2 mins. Never mind it turns out the panthers won away the next day. Manchester's run went on, beating Sheffield 5 -1 so its not all bad news lol.

Added a few things on the menu and removed others.
Still cannot upgrade to beta.

Chris came out

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Yesterday was weird... or at least weird for me. It was like old times. Chris came out, making ben having to breath on his knees in shock. We was meant to be going to the cannon down the road but we yet the long away round to the mallard instead.

A little video I took at df's/mallard:


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My name is Richard. I'm 20 and from the UK. Currently living in Nottinghamshire. I started this blog for something to do. It started life as a scrap book with the addition of the times I would write about anything I like. It changes as I do. At the moment as you can see its mainly about open source software and beer. Good combo eh :)

I have quite a few interests such as Unix/Linux, ubuntu, programming, photography, beer and home brewing.

Photos I keep a separate blog for at photoforamonth.blogspot.com. If you like photography you will like Arna's, one of my best friends, photos at falloftheraven.blogspot.com

Linux wise I love the ubuntu desktop linux os because of the great attitude within it's community. If a user has a hack/program/fix then normally he or she with will post it on the ubuntu forms/personal blog to share with others. I started playing with Linux about 4 years ago out of interest and to broaden my knowledge with an already bored view of Windows.

Programming wise I like C\C++ and just recently I have been trying Ruby on Linux. Years ago I started with C and VB6 on the Windows platform like so many did my age. HTML, CSS, PHP and flash action script followed from there.

Beer wise I love the taste of Guinness and real ale. Some of my favourite beers iv tried are Old speckled hen, Green king and Guinness special export. I started brewing when I was 17/18 years old. Since then I have brewed 2 barley wines, 2 stouts and an English bitter.

Movie wise
I'm a movie buff. Godfather, Blade Runner, Logans run (sadly being remade), Alien, Spirited away and the Goodfellas. But apart from classics I like terrible films like hackers and critters.

Game wise I don't play to many games. I lost interest when I hit 15 and got interested in going out with friends and beer. But now and then I like to play a quick game. Like BZflag (Annemarie kicks my ass on it) and football manager games.