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On the Road movie ramblings

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Finished rereading On the Road today and didn???t fail to notice a teaser poster had wormed its way onto the net. I don???t mean to hype- I'm curious to see what Francis Ford Coppola and Walter Salles have put together, yet dreading it with amusement over the fascination of actress, Kristen Stewart; a hideous amount of blogging and flame wars over that cast listing. Not everyone???s favourite actress or not, the cast is diverse, even Steve Buscemi makes an appearance and besides it all overlooks the author and the book. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


Pruning tomatoes

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I didn???t make a habit of pruning last year, and the size of the tomatoes wasn???t that great. This year I'm pinching suckers from 30+ plants from the bottom of the leader stems, which have flowers on. As I understand it, suckers create stems right above the leaf branch, stemming off from the main plant. Pinching them out while small will reduce disease risk and improve fruit yields, creating a single stem.

Only problem is you have to keep pinching new suckers.


kelly welly

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Time lapse

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nikon d60 and gtimelapse.

[wpvideo 2mP8t2s8]


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Greenhouse all done

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Fitted with old and new glass. Had fun building it, now to bang my head on the door frame and use it.

Brandywine tomato


Ripe strawberry


Onions & beans


35mm film; no x-rays?

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Taking some superia 200 to Iceland. I like this film, the skin tones are good and I got some nice overcast shots from a road trip to Wales with it. I researched x-ray effects on film and found a lot of people have no problems taking 35mm or 120 through hand luggage security. Also lead bags defy the whole point of airport security and asking for hand inspection will be ignored, might even land you in trouble with jumpy security staff.

Anyway after looking at the back of the box it clearly says protect from x-rays. Now I'm in a muddle. I hate how there is no definitive answer even from the airline industry.



Lighting the heater

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Keep the plants warm.