StopIE propaganda

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stopIE propaganda
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Wallpaper from here
Website: - Stop Internet Explorer

New holes in IE ( BBC ) thats what I call propaganda

Can now see my diggs

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Made a small change to the right menu, I have added some javascript that will keep track on my diggs. You can also keep track of my diggs on hackerslife
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Arnas Pictures

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I have liked her pictures for a long time and have used one for a wallpaper.
Shes pretty good with her camera and with her living in iceland she can shoot nice scenes on her doorstep, unlike me.

Check out her northern light picture here. You can find her other pictures at her picture blog at I know what you thinking how come she got the cool blue and I got the green ( on my picture blog )

Nintendo DS booting DS Linux

Nintendo DS booting DS Linux
Originally uploaded by bjepson.
Linux Gets everywhere

owners notes: "WiFiMe plus an EZ Cart. In EZ-Client, I had to deselect System Config->Use Loader so that the DSLinux image was the only file on the flash cart."

Metal slug (neogeo) on my gp2x

Finally got metal slug working on my gp2x using Gngeo2x. It works at full speed with out sound. MAME did not work for me at all, it wouldnt load the metal slug roms in to memory.

Running windows XP on an 8 Mhz Computer

Well its possible!
Found this on digg, its about 55 days old but its interesting.

The graphics don't seem to work so well and not much can be done with xp on a 8mhz computer... buts its still possible.

My digg adventures

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After coming across a funny photo of a linux crash I decided to digg it and see what would happen. A lot of claims that it was not a crash from linux fan boys also a lot of windows comments... Where did windows come from I just don’t know. Geeks will try the OS war for anything. Everyone knows I am a strong supporter of open source software. Did the little kill bill picture give me away!

It dam right pisses (sorry for language) me off when idiots who claim to be "leet" (Lamer talk) and start a rather childish effort for a flame war. Here I am a linux user! Posting a funny picture of linux crashing (a rare sight) and some geek/nerd posts of a comment to down play linux (fair its on topic) and boast about windows, totally off the topic.

"Warning: The Content in this Article is Under Review, Readers have reported that this story contains information that may not be accurate." is just about on the post non stop, even when its nearly 24 hours old. I think the linux fans cannot accept it. Theres no big deal! I think the review feature for posts that seem to be not accurate to be a good idea. How many times does it need to be reviewed? There was plenty of linux users putting the crash down to hardware... that doesnt matter... its running linux. When windows blue screens (there i go off topic) you don't say "o thats my memory crashing".

You can see the post at

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Qtopia on the GP2X

  • 0 has a article about qtopia on the gp2x. Qtopia is a application platform for embedded Linux. Its mainly used on PDAs and mobile phones. Qtopia looks like this.

Pictures of the hack can been seen here

Elevator/Lift Hacking Gives details on how to hack a lift.

New Blog Design

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I was bored of the old look so I have got my hands on the K2 design. Took a while to move all of my links but I got it done. Think ill keep hackers life the same untill I have time to do my own.

Also new name... saves confusion

Novell linux 10 interface demo

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Thats one nice interface

More bowling

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Kill bill mario

Drunk bowling

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English lessons

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Once again...

Once again...
Originally uploaded by dnh500.
We hard at work. No time for games they said

My dvd player

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my dvd player
Originally uploaded by dnh500.
GDVD300R sucks... its jammed and it sucks. Again... it sucks. Ok you get the point heres the inside. I was going to try adjusting the height of the laser but it seems its jammed. Forcing it will just break the thing.

Everyone needs one of these

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Get the tshirt and sign the petition
Several sites on the web, some really funny and some are informal
Why MySpace Sucks

Even Al Qaeda is using this crap:

High-Tech Terrorism

After relying heavily on fixed — and thus vulnerable — Web sites until early 2002, al Qaeda quickly switched to hiding its online operations within more legitimate bulletin boards and Internet sites offering free upload services or connecting through such popular social network sites as Orkut and MySpace.

source from here

How to say linux

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the linux we all know and love by its creator Linus Torvalds

DnH500 hq

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thx to ben and his phone

Make Windows 3.11 Look Like XP

Best post I seen on digg today. Blogged it on hackerslife

see the screenshot here:

Beer brewing: Irish Stout

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Beer beer beer... started my 2nd batch using a malt extract kit.

Comes in a can like most things do. Once it’s warmed up for 5 mins in hot water to loosen it and then opened it smells like walking past Mansfield brewery (RIP). It a very sticky black treacle.
beer kit

Using malt extract from Wilkinson instead of brewing sugar. Should have a better taste with this. It better be stronger too.

You have to put the malt extract and the sugars together. Pour 6.5 litres of hot water and stir well. Then put 19 litres of cold water in to fill it up (working with a 5 gallon tub)

Look Ma' Guinness!

Should be done in around 6 days to be keged and stored for 2 weeks.

Mercedes Guy owned

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Best music video of 2005

Cinematic masterpiece, the photography and music just go together.
"Glosoli" - Sigur Ros

New wallpapers

Both wallpapers hosted on the website. Click one of the pictures to goto the website where they are hosted.
Sky - taken by me

Iceland - taken by my friend Arna (see friends sites)


Flatfoot 56 Celtic punk

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Not long till st. patrick's day so am needing some irish punk.
This band is pretty good a lot like dropkick murphys. Has 3 songs by them ( legal ). Brotherhood is the best one of the lot. has another 2 songs here