Ry Ternel Abbey

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I haven't posted or rated a beer for a bit, I'm trying to review one a week at least. So I thought I would post this. I found this one in marks fridge. Small bottle at 6%. A Belgian Ale brewed by Brasserie Lefebvre (Rebecq-Quenast, Belgium), a small micro brewery in Belgian. From the website (brasserielefebvre.be) it doesn't seem to be their premium product.

Has a sweet oatmeal taste and tastes stronger than 6%. Rather light ale but you would think it is stronger. Kinda like Leffe, brewed by InBev. Or like a Duvel beer. I don't know much about the ingredients or much about the beer since the brewers website doesn't list it (at least I couldn't find it).

I think it from the supermarket chain aldi and so iv read its £2.99 for 6 bottles of the stuff. Poor man's leffe/abbey beer (term for
Belgian brewers connected to abbeys).

Rating: good
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: ok for a bottled Belgian beer and price

"The page cannot be displayed"

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Classic if I say so myself...

Gaim 2.0 beta 6

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I'm liking this beta. Its pretty neat and cleaned up interface wise. Displays buddy icons (display pictures to msn users) nicely at the side of the buddy. I know it does that on older versions but it didn't look as good as this.
Plugins are plentifully, theme control, text replacement and autoreply being my favorite.
I don't see anything about webcam. I heard the webcam/audio version was cut from development. Which is a shame. But I can understand, probably a developers nightmare.

Download the ubuntu edgy deb from here: download.ubuntu.pl/_Edgy_Eft/gaim/2.0.0-beta-6/
Or check out the gaim.sourceforge.net for other packages.

Wentworth Oatmeal Stout

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We went down to the pub on Thursday for this one. Waiting for months for it to come on. We waited and waited.

Someone forgot to tell ben "Oatmeal stout has more body than standard stout, and is smoother, slightly sweeter, and typically higher in alcohol", sweet stout not being his thing.

Brewed by Wentworth brewery in Rotherham.
Commercial notes "Dark, smooth, deeply delicious and definitely moreish. This outstanding oatmeal stout has to be tasted to be fully understood. A medal winner at Oakwood in 2000, it achieves its satisfyingly malty flavour in part due to the roasted barley and Golding hops.
Ingredients: Maris Otter pale malt, black malt, wheat malt, roasted barley, oatmel malt. Goldings hops."

It is more sweeter than say Guinness or pitch black stout but just as thick as Guinness draught, nice roasted malt taste. It is 4.8%.

Rating: Good example of oatmeal stouts
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: good but not as good as pitch black stout

Amarok 1.4.5 is out

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Probably my favorite music media player (apart from songbird of course). I installed it on kubuntu, adding a repository. Something you need to take time with if you don't know what your doing although it is simply done.

improvements include:
  • An integrated Shoutcast stream directory.
  • Support for custom labels. Organize your music how you want.
  • Magnatune redownload manager
  • Improved sound quality when using the equalizer with xine.
Overall it runs smoother. Can't wait for Amarok 2.0
Instuctions for kubuntu download. Remember to look at the Kubuntu Community Help (step-by-step guide on how to manage the Kubuntu repository list)

I love this beer

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Loved it so much in the pub. I bought some IPA from tescos. Pack of 4, unfortunately I love it to much and I empted all 4 on the same day as buying it.

Tastes slightly more crisp in the can than on tap.
I think its my second favourite beer. I say I think.

Pitch Black Stout

We tried out a good beer last night called 'pitch black'. Very nice stout made by Everards. On the website it says its a seasonal ale so it does not look like they have it all year round.

You will most likely like it if you like Guinness or Murphy's stout. Ben and I are stout drinkers and we both agreed it was very nice.

On the website it also tells you the malt and hop type used. It uses 'Maris Otter' malt and good old Challenger hops (probably my favourite hop). Its 4.3% and can be drank all night.

I checked it out on rate beer [dot] com (here if it works) and the mardy old beer tasters gave it a 33%. So I joined up and gave it a 4.1 (I didn't want to just sign up and give it top marks. It would seem stupid to the people who rate a lot of beer there) which put up to a 39% go me.

Rating: Good stout, easy drinking.
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: very good.

ooohh Crap

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Short blog of frustration. I forgot to stop my subscription to emusic. What happened was I bought a new mp3 player and it came with an offer for 50 free tracks. I signed on and downloaded my tracks forgetting (stupidly) to cancel my subscription. So now I have 40 fricking tracks for £9 to download and there isn't much to download in terms of stuff I am into. Just argh. Thats £9. I could spent it on 12 cans of Guinness. Or even a trip to Nottingham. meh

Their evil last attempt to suck me in...

Well it wont work

Went for a walk

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Went for a walk with Ben and Tash this morning. Nothing else to do. Was a bit cold though.

Ben with Tash:

Golf course, frozen pond:

C-C-C-Check it out Tash with the hat on:

BTW: this looks like its a start of a new label/category called pictures.
Comments welcome, no one ever comments they just tell me stuff on msn.


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no gold though...

On sunday I was going to just watch football. Celtic in the Scottish F.A cup but instead I visited my nans. Did some digging to sort out the soil, get rid of weeds and god knows what. Anyway if you dig a line normally the birds will wait for you to move away. A pair of robins kept picking up worms in the broken up soil, so did a thrush and a black bird. Make good photos.

I even found this thing in the compost heap... fat as a rabbit

there's like 5 cats in the area no idea how it survives. There haven't been a lot of wild rats because we been setting traps for few weeks, they got pretty smart and started getting cockey stealing the cheese without the trap going.

Beer making tool: Qbrew

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Qbrew is an open source homebrewer's recipe calculator. A pretty neat tool. I have seen a few of these recipe calculators before under freeware/shareware trials ect.
You input your recipe , select a few options like mashing ect and it tells you what's its going to be like.

Runs on Linux/BSD/Unix, Macintosh and windows. It would be a good idea for anyone who uses it to GPL (general public licence) their recipes to share with the world.

You can download it from here www.usermode.org/code.html