Pump prank

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Funniest thing I seen in a long time
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New gtalk features

You can now send voicemail to your contacts, which is really useful. A much needed File Transfer feature and a Music Status are included.
check out www.google.com/talk/whatsnew_more.html for a better idea and some screen shots.

I only use this to talk to 2 people and sometimes maybe 3. Arna talks to me on it rather than msn if no one is on... and I dont like msn so it all works out. Iv never had a problem with it. It just works.

Before I finish here is the list of supported media players for the music status feature

Download from it from here from google. I know its still in testing but google talk is in beta so what the hay.

New cartoon

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Rather stupid small cartoon at that
view it here

Watch the sheep go weee

Scarface and the F word

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Random crap

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Turning sheffield towers into art

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For many visitors to Sheffield, their first glimpse of the city involves two disused cooling towers known locally as "the salt and pepper pots", which are set to be demolished.
Moves are afoot, however, turn the towers into public art.
Whenever you visit or pass Sheffield, you cannot fail to spot the huge cooling towers which overshadow the M1 motorway at the Tinsley Viaduct by Meadowhall.

The structures were originally part of Blackburn Meadows Power Station which closed down in the 1970s.

The owner of the unused towers - Eon Energy - intends to demolish them later this year. However, the firm is in discussions with a national project which hopes to transform the landmarks into a public work of art.

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Nice little text browser

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Who needs pictures! when you can have lighting fast text. Ironically I have included a screen shot. I'm using Elinks which is another version of LINKS. I dont know what the difference is and to honest they do the same thing which is surf the WWW.

for ubuntu users Elinks can be installed by:

$sudo apt-get install elinks-lite

Or checkout


Bumper car hacks

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Open a bottle of beer the Scandinavian way

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Make: How to open a bottle of beer the Scandinavian way

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal shows us how in downtown Helsinki - introduced by Arwen O'Reilly. Filmed on a Nokia N93.

Author: blackbeltjones
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Added: June 18, 2006