Bottled a Lowenbrau

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Made a clone Lowenbrau Light Blonde Special from 'Brewing beers, Like those you buy' By Dave Line. Its actually the first true lager I have made. Basic recipe with lager malt, crystal malt, Hallertau and saaz hops.

The hopped extract.

Will leave the bottles for a few week. Should be around 5%. A little lower than I wanted.

The Incredible Shrinking Man

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A B-Movie from 1957. Although like every film these days due to the lack imagination its being remade. The title, as silly as it seems isn't as worse as the descriptive 'Attack of the 50 Foot Woman'.

Those dam pesky radioactive clouds that just sneak up on you.

The film is about Scott Carey. A man who comes in contact with a radioactive cloud and pesticide. What are the chances? Over a short period time he begins to notice his clothes are large and don't fit. Worried, he visits the doctor explaining that he's always been six foot one. The doctor shrugs off the suggestion that he's shrinking and explains that every medical hes had has been wrong about his height. Typical 50's sci-fi doctor.

Second thoughts your shrinking... we can tell his from you x-rays because a measuring tape isn't invented yet... this is modern 50s health care after all.

After awhile the doctors admit their wrong and start tests. They find a cure but he realizes it only works for a short while. By now he gets smaller and the movies effects kick in.

Theres somebody at the door...

The cat wants feeding or just lunch in general so it lurks around Scott Carey's doll house, which he lives in for a short while. Good effects for the 50's.

Kitty knows kung-fu... Take that you little leprechaun

Once hes gets the cat of his back. He makes a break for the cellar.

Kitty really wants feedin' no need to be shy...

The cat, being much stronger, pushes the door open sending him over stairs edge and down on to some clothes. His wife on the other hand arrives home thinking the cat ate him. Thinking maybe his remains might turn up later in the day?. And so Scott Carey looses all human contact and is imprisoned in his own cellar. Doooooomed.

Classic Robinson Crusoe look... meets the borrowers.

When down in the cellar he feels the need to fight a spider and then for no reason at all he leaves the cellar and into the gardens lawn since hes small enough to fit through the grate. Ending on a metaphysical tone as he becomes so small he will presumably be in his own microscopic universe.
Great sci-fi that has some neat trickery effects like large furniture to make him look small. Not sure how the new version will be. Maybe it will take more from the original book.

My fave post-07 bands

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The Ting Tings
She can sing and he can drum. True indie pop without the fake pop group lifelessness feel like busted or the mediocre killers. You will probably need to listen till the end to make your mind up. Till about 2 mins in anyway.

There from Glasgow. Have a 50's thing to them like Joe Strummer (black shirt and collar up). Have a lot of soul and a good tune. Notice the Johnny Cash poster?

Another Year

So its the start of a new bloging run this year. I haven't been up to much. Apart from reading a few discworld books. Making money (basically going postal 2) was a pretty nice book to read. However it is just a continuation of the original characters in going postal. Moist von Lipwig has to take over the bank and update it just like the post office. The amount of people complaining it has nothing is new is ridiculous. There are plenty of discworld books that continue from one another. Maybe not in a short space of time as this one but still. I finally got around to reading Guards Guards. Which is the funniest book iv ever read. Defiantly the best discworld book however, I am now reading small gods so we will see.

Hoping to make some beer soon. Lowenbrau Light Blonde Special from 'Brewing beers, Like those you buy' By Dave Line.