Christmas update...

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Christmas is just about over. Quite boring to say the least. I have spent most of my time talking to Nikki, reading the motorcycle diaries by Ernestro 'che' Guevara and watching various bits of rubbish on tv.

Lately iv taken up shouting at Canadians on ice. I mean ice hockey. Mainly Nottingham panthers. They are pretty good. Ever hated Sheffield steelers beat them in over time at Sheffield when I saw them last with Nikki.

Killing chavs game is still in working iv been distracted by something else so its on hold but still in working.

Why I cant move to beta

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Ill just have to wait...

I ripped it with linux... I edited it with windows

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I wanted to get a clip of a tv show for friends so I recorded the show on a dvd recorder. I'v never really bothed with the recorder much, sky plus does all the work. Anyways I had a dvd of the show in HQ. Wondering how I could get the dvd to a .avi format I looked for a program on the windows platform and found a whole load of rubbish, poorly designed, buggy and slow programs. It just so happens that there is a program package on (k)ubuntu called Acidrip although its not really a ripper its a program that uses another program such as MEncoder to encode frames. But it gets the job done and the interface is well designed.

I wanted to use power director to cut the file up on windows. But it didn't like the fmp4 codec so I had to use windows movie maker, argh. That pile of crap in Accessories somewhere on the start menu.
I don't really know a video editor for linux. Maybe I should look for one next time