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I was watching most haunted live until I couldn't laugh any more. The show sometimes shows things that are unexplained but a lot of things are quite obviously acted out. They only film it with one camera. Which more often or not, when turned away, allows the crew to make funny noises or kick a table. Always with the camera turned away something moves and Yvette Fielding screams with horror.
They do have web cams which are poor quality. Some how people contact the show saying they see ghosts on them. The show never replays footage from web cams because there is nothing there. Really you need several wireless inferred cameras for each corner of a room to record paranormal activity.
Iv walked through a graveyard at night (On a walk thing, don't ask.) not seeing anything but some how they find something to scream at within the first 5 minutes of the camera rolling.
I think it was around 11:45 ish the adverts finished and the program came back on. Within a 1 minute a bloke goes crazy and falls to the ground. Why didn't that happen in between the 5 minute break? Quite convenient too that the camera turns a way a second before he goes nuts. Also I have noticed the camera man focuses on a individual a while before he or she says "I feel sick" or "Something hit me". It gets predictable.
Oh gees I could write all night about this show, but I wont. CiarĂ¡n O'Keeffe proved Derek Acorah is a fake a few years ago. He was the main medium on the show. Somehow hes still making rubbish.

DOSBox on ubuntu

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You can play old dos games on linux with DOSBox. DOSBox is a gpl cross platform DOS emulator. It has also been ported to psp and gp2x hardware.

Ubuntu users can download & install with:
sudo apt-get install dosbox

To play games first you need to mount a directory to the emulators C drive. I do this by 'mount c /home/username/games'. Type c: to open the folder (this is a DOS emulator after all) then enter the filename of the game like game.exe. If your looking for auto mounting read ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=171970.

Runs Discworld fine...

You can download discworld at www.abandonia.com/games/878/download/Discworld.htm.

I also tried a game I use to play years ago on DOS.

Thats rights its Electro Man. Your amazed at the graphics right? It doesn't really have anything to do with electric. You play some sort of tin man or robocop and shoot at alien things. Well it was shit then and its still shit now. What a crap game.

The Colour of Magic tv movie

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It seems after the success of the hogfather sky one is going to back another discworld tv movie with Vadim Jean directing and Terry Pratchett on hand. I didn't even know it was planned. But apparently its in the "filming" status with David Jason playing Rincewind and Sean Astin (one of the lord of the rings hobbits) playing Twoflower. I cant wait to see how they going to do the librarian.

The production website is at www.skyoneonline.co.uk/tcom/.
Imdb www.imdb.com/title/tt1079959/.

Going Postal

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Started and finished reading Terry Pratchett's Going postal in a few hours. It's one of the better Discworld books I have read. The amusing characters, the cat tiddles (which is more of a description), references to the uk post office, GNU and crackers.

The Smoking GNU is probably the most geeky joke in the series. A group of 3 men that are clacks (a series of semaphore towers) crackers. Cracking into the towers with their own portable tower. The group of men resemble 'The Lone Gunman' a x files spin-off about a group of computer hackers.
Why are they called the Smoking GNU? Well not sure really. No direct mention of open source but it does say that GNU is a magic message header packet on the clacks, with G indicating a message that goes on, N indicating not logged and U indicating that the message is to be turned around at the end of the line.

Cant wait to read 'making money'.

Open links in a tab with a left click

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A little hack for firefox with greasemonkey.
If you want to open a link in a new tab on a laptop you may find it hard. No middle button! You have to spend time right clicking and going to 'open link in a new tab'. However there is a simple greasemonkey script to open links in a new tab with a short half a second hold. You can also hold control + left click.

To download the greasemonkey add on visit:

For the script visit userscripts at

Wont run out of fruit

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...At least not for a while.

These all came from one pear tree. Had to take some down before since the weight was pulling the tree down. What to do with pears?

Adnams Explorer

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This a beer from Adnams from Southwold, Suffolk, England.
Brewers description:
Adnams Explorer is a light and refreshing blonde beer, with some citrus notes and grapefruit aromas. Fantastic served chilled. Adnams Explorer captures the spirit of discovery by blending Chinook and Columbus hops from the New World. The best in traditional brewing with a contemporary edge.

It pours with no head. Clear amber colour. A nice 5.5% strength. Aroma is similar to a IPA, lots of floral hops but with a slight fruit sent. Taste slightly roasted malted and caramel with small citrus tang to it. More than adverage carbonation. Watery feel to it but it does say LIGHT on the bottle so im not going to expect guinness out of this am I now? Not really had to many blonde ales but this ale fits the description.

Rating: It's okay.
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: A decent light ale from Adnams. Non ale drinkers are going to like it.

Fullers 1845

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Fullers do make some great beers. They always go down well at festivals. So I thought I would try this strong ale, 1845.
It's a dark brown orange colour with a nice thin smooth head. The aroma is a strong alcohol sent, well it is 6.3%, fruity marmalade hints. The taste is a complex fruity, citrus orange with a nice bitterness and little spiciness from goldings hops to balance it nicely. Has a lot of warming citrus aftertaste. Its quite unique and its quite amazing. On the bottle it says it's won 2 camra gold awards and I can believe it. It also has the camra real ale stamp of approval.

Rating: Very good.
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: A nice unique ale.

Youngs Waggle dance

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Not tried any new beers lately so lets dig in. This is a youngs bottled beer from Bedford, Bedfordshire, England. Can be found in tescos.
Brewers description:
Waggle Dance is brewed with a touch of honey which gives it a taste of summer no matter when you raise a glass. This is balanced by a healthy does of hops to provide the bitterness that gives a wonderfully delictae flavour. The overall result is beautifully balanced and sneakily seductive.
Pale ale and crystal malt, Fuggle and Golding hops together with South American honey create this delicious golden ale with a superb honey aroma.

The colour is a clear amber orange. Little if at all no head. Sadly it doesn't last long. The aroma is a sweet malty honey sent. I first taste the sweet malt and then I taste the honey. Its not a rich tick taste, but more a smooth thing. Slight bitterness but it doesn't balance well. A sweet summer beer at 5%.

Rating: Not bad
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: You might like if you like sweet beers otherwise get a pale ale.