August reading

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Satori in Paris by Jack Keroauc.
A series of poems in a stream of consciousness and rambles. Post-fame Kerouac goes to France to trace his roots. Despite all the drinking, its more upbeat than his other last novel, Big Sur -which is one ugly book. If you like On the Road, you might like it.

About Love and Other Stories by Anton Chekhov
A collection of short stories themed around tragedy. The translation feels natural, the prose is lyrical and timed. I liked the 'The lady with the little dog' and 'In the cart'.??

Currently reading: The Idiot by Dostoevsky.

Hop cone comparison

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Golding are aroma hops. Small fluffy cones, pale in colour.



Challenger has elongated cones, these have a dual-purpose -bittering and aroma.



Fuggle cones are a lot like Golding.




The biggest one will be going to the scouts to carve up. The last pumpkin is odd shaped, even better for Halloween.


Olympus Trip 35 roll #2

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Not long till I'm up to my neck in hops and beer

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Quite odd how some buds have developed faster than others.


trip 35 test roll

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Got my film back today. Olympus trip 35 agfa color 200 film. Expired 10 years ago.

Also got an old 126 film developed. It had a picture of a plane.


Photos from the allotment

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Went to the allotment today. Picked the last of the broad beans, courgettes and a few peas that I eat there and then without cooking.

I need to have a huge weed out soon.