Mora classic handle staining

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Finally got the knife I wanted. Burnt the falu red paint off with a torch and stained it with several coats of linseed and a dark stain. Probably take a week or two to dry. 


Mora classic look-a-like

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I have a small collection of mora knifes. They are inexpensive and have a quality blade. I like the classic whittling knifes 120 and 106 and thought a classic mora one would be a project, removing the red paint and staining the handle for a better looking knife. 

I ordered one from a company that advertises in the bushcraft magazine. They offer the real deal, E. Jonsson stamped mora's and clones. I made sure to pay extra for the real deal, but I got a clone anyway.

These clones are stamped with Sweden on the blade, have a poor construction and a useless blunt bevel. Why anybody would but a bevel on a Scandinavian grind is beyond me.

What a crap knife.

Frontier wood stove

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I bought one for bushcraft camps away with the scouts and cooking on the allotment.

It is awesome. I love it.

Fed 2

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This is my new rangefinder, a FED2. I think its a FED 2B Type 2A -the type with the different winder. It feels nice in my hands and looks better than the zorki 4.

Picasso had one too.

I took some good and some bad photos on it all down to me metering the light myself and using unforgiving expired film. 

On the Road Trailer

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[wpvideo dwvKisYV]

So my favourite book is now a movie.

Raspberry pi

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Excited about this