Food for Free

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I just got this little book today and flicked through it. I don't
think I'll go off skipping to the woods to eat mushrooms, but it's
interesting to know you can add beech tree leaves to salad, make a
frittata from fresh hop shoots or make coffee from dandelion roots.

Awesome book.

A few pictures

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Walked to across town today, or well around it. Walked through the
woods. Found a vango tent out there, similar to the ones we use at
scouts, with deckchairs and a washing line. Why on earth did they
sleep there amongst wandering junkies and drinking kids looking to
make fires, I don't know. Maybe they spent the night badger watching,
whoooo knows. Unless they were asleep or dead, I didn't see/hear

The last shot is of the allotment covered in snow.


Morning Hike

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I went for a hike around the snowy frozen fields and woods about a
mile away. Not much snow, and the snow that is here is frozen. Pain in
the backside for taking photos of wildlife as it crunches under your


Eddie Vedder - Society

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(Into the Wild Soundtrack)

If less??? is more how you're keeping score?


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Great book, funny film.

Hop rhizomes

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Two new rhizomes arrived today. A northen brewer and fuggle.

Hop photos from the garden 09


Photos from the garden

Hops and corn 09.



I just spent half an hour looking for no existent time zone controls.



Ill give this a try and see how it goes.

Google Chrome beta

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Now available on Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/openSUSE. 

I doubt open source enthusiasts, like myself, will move away from Mozilla/Firefox.
Download it from

Buying Hop Rhizomes in the UK

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With U.S based sellers not offering shipping outside of North America -with few exceptions- there isn't a wide choice of variety.
There are a select few UK sellers. Most are little nursery's and farms, offering British hops. You wont find any Cascade for sale (if you do then comment!), instead you will find hops like Bramling Cross, Northdown and other lesser known homebrewing hops.

If you're thinking about propagating seeds for beer brewing hops. Forget it. I tried, and failed. The process is long. If you want any old common hop plant for decoration or an experiment it's easier to look in the wild and take a cutting. Hops are easy pickings for cuttings.

Here is a list of potential UK sellers for 2010. Some take orders now.

UK shipping
Offers: Cobbs, Wye Challenger and Prima Donna.
Offers: Challenger, Prima Donna, Goldings Phoenix and Fuggle --now selling a wide range of hops including cascade.
Offers: a range of traditional British hops. --down?
Offers: Hallertauer, Fuggle and other tradition British hops.
Offers: Fuggle, Perle, (East) Kent Goldings, Saaz, Mount Hood, Santiam, Nugget, Willamette

E.U Shipping
A German website that has UK shipping with a wide range of German hops for those who are looking for something different.

A list of sellers can be found at:

New to growing hops?

-- Update Feb 2011.
I found cascades from ebay late last season.
Aplus hops website down? has all kinds of hops.