My new kindle

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The house is full of books - a space saver.

Apple wood spoon

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Hop rhizomes I dug up

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More hops

New hiking boots

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Cascade going into the brew

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Zorki4 roll #2

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Sleeping in the scout loft


Xa2 expired klick roll

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Will be releasing these over the week.

Picking cascade hops

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[wpvideo dYJoDhbI]

Drinking a plum porter

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I think the yeast is ready for the beer wort

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Yeast is amazing stuff.

Golding hops

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Zorki4 first roll

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This Jupiter 8 lens is damn sharp!

Recesky roll 2

I dropped my camera during this roll and a mornings walk was wiped.

Recesky test shots

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Recesky TLR Camera

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Having fun with this DIY toy 35mm camera. I ordered one from ebay and it came in paper -string wrapped- packaging with an instruction manual I'm certain was a google translate job with words like virtual for visual. 


Be prepared for little screws, and three fiddly springs at the shutter construction. I took my time and watched this youtube video.


Make sure the lenses are aligned. There are two little dots on each to align. The google translated instruction manual is not clear about this. You focus these lenses by turning them in and out.


Its basic design works well, the view finder really works even if it is just a mirror, however there is no counter and winding the film is helped by pushing the back plate.



Golding hops forming

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When I grow tomatoes...

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Beer fest list

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Best beer is the portland black by welbeck abbey brewery. At the Mallard.

Swiss army knife

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I got the hiker model for whittling after a friend gave me the little book of whittling.

Chilli peppers turning red

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There is something about the cinematography of this movie I really like. The grains, lighting and retro feel? Great film by IT crowd's Richard Ayoade.




Adventures in north Iceland

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The two responses I get when I tell someone I visited Iceland are 'Ohh' followed by silence, or 'you mean the shop?' I also find it difficult to explain how great it was. Most of these images are taken on 35mm film with a trip 35 and xa2. Videos are from my phone.

For most of my visit I stayed in Akureyri, a little city with a population smaller than most towns. It has everything you would expect to find in a city, except busy crowds of people.


Akureyrarkirkja, the church, sits on a hill overlooking the city. The flim got a little exposed here somehow, I kinda like it.


The weirdest place my friend took me to is the Christmas house, a grotto open all year round. You can buy crafted Christmas ornaments whilst listening to festive music. I had to tell myself it's June.


Arna drove me to the Mývatn area which includes Goðafoss, a large waterfall. Waterfalls are all over the place in Iceland, the large ones attract a lot of tourists armed with cameras.


[wpvideo lSquzNUL]

Hvitserkur is the last remains of a central volcano (-is that really true?) From the main road, it's a half hour ride down a small road, which left Arna's poor car covered in dirt. To get to the beach we climbed down a cliff.


I found an awesome beer called viking stout at a local bowling ally on a drunk bowling bout. I don't remember if it was Arna who introduced me to it or-? I'm guessing, for a country where lager is commonplace, it's the only dark beer Viking Ölgerd brews. Other beers I tried were thule (okay), Egils Gull (better), and Víking Gylltur (best of the lot.)


What I leant in north Iceland; nobody walks, the distances are too big to bother and most of the year it's cold anyway. People do not sleep and it doesn't get dark in the summer so I didn't either. There are intermissions at the cinema, which give you enough time for a quick walk across the street to buy a beer. Everyone likes ice cream, everyone. The air is very dry, making hikes hard -I thought I was dying just walking up a hill. Rotten shark (Hákarl) is good with beer. You have to drive with your headlights on. There are no multi-lane roads in the north, which made Reykjavik difficult to adjust to.

My big fat brandywines

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This vine is older than me, and I haven't been able to get anything from it. This year looks promising.

Iron maiden plane

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Forgot I took this, it was next to my return plane in iceland.

Short story - Crazy golf

Short story, The Exile

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Looking back on older stuff I wrote between beers on lonely spring evenings. I wish I could write something with meaningfulness right now.

And I wanted to be a writer. Almost everybody was a writer. Not everybody thought they could be a dentist or an automobile mechanic but everybody knew they could be a writer. Of those fifty guys in the room, probably fifteen of them thought they were writers. Almost everybody used words and could write them down, i.e., almost everybody could be a writer. But most men, fortunately, aren???t writers, or even cab drivers, and some men ??? many men ??? unfortunately aren???t anything.

- Charles Bukowski, Factotum

Iceland flickr sets

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While Europe was being attacked by killer cucumbers and while the British government was continuing its 1980's cuts, I was in Iceland with my trip and xa2.


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[wpvideo 3XgbVCug]

Taken yesterday from across Akureyri.

Yeah I??m in Iceland

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On the Road movie ramblings

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Finished rereading On the Road today and didn???t fail to notice a teaser poster had wormed its way onto the net. I don???t mean to hype- I'm curious to see what Francis Ford Coppola and Walter Salles have put together, yet dreading it with amusement over the fascination of actress, Kristen Stewart; a hideous amount of blogging and flame wars over that cast listing. Not everyone???s favourite actress or not, the cast is diverse, even Steve Buscemi makes an appearance and besides it all overlooks the author and the book. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.