Buying Hop Rhizomes in the UK

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With U.S based sellers not offering shipping outside of North America -with few exceptions- there isn't a wide choice of variety.
There are a select few UK sellers. Most are little nursery's and farms, offering British hops. You wont find any Cascade for sale (if you do then comment!), instead you will find hops like Bramling Cross, Northdown and other lesser known homebrewing hops.

If you're thinking about propagating seeds for beer brewing hops. Forget it. I tried, and failed. The process is long. If you want any old common hop plant for decoration or an experiment it's easier to look in the wild and take a cutting. Hops are easy pickings for cuttings.

Here is a list of potential UK sellers for 2010. Some take orders now.

UK shipping
Offers: Cobbs, Wye Challenger and Prima Donna.
Offers: Challenger, Prima Donna, Goldings Phoenix and Fuggle --now selling a wide range of hops including cascade.
Offers: a range of traditional British hops. --down?
Offers: Hallertauer, Fuggle and other tradition British hops.
Offers: Fuggle, Perle, (East) Kent Goldings, Saaz, Mount Hood, Santiam, Nugget, Willamette

E.U Shipping
A German website that has UK shipping with a wide range of German hops for those who are looking for something different.

A list of sellers can be found at:

New to growing hops?

-- Update Feb 2011.
I found cascades from ebay late last season.
Aplus hops website down? has all kinds of hops.


  1. Hi Richard

    The following looks promising but I had no joy last year, I even put an order through their website. I seem to recall something about not having any certified rhizomes left in stock, which seems to imply that sometimes they do!

    Maybe it'll be worth a shot this year. Drop me a PM if you get a positive response, I'd be keen to split an order.


  2. On a futher note, I also tried to order from Willingham Nurseries but after an email confirming that they had rhizomes in stock they failed to respond to my order email.

    Also running a nursery I understand that they would have been extremely busy in the spring, however an email response would have been nice.

    I didn't have much luck last year. Fingers crossed for this year.

  3. Having just checked the essentially hops website I notice they are supplying 'Cascade' for the UK market (£8.95) +P+P
    Not having yet checked out the rest of your Blog I cant tell whether this is old news!!

  4. Hey. Check out eBay as well. There's a seller with Fuggle, Prima and Challenger. (Also claims more varieties come Spring.) I've order Prima and Fuggle after realizing it seems hard to get the rhizomes in the uk.

  5. Hi, I am hoping to grow hops on my allotment this year but there are hight restrictions in place on my site,do you know how successful it is growing them up to about six feet then along a wire etc?

    cheers ,Bry.

  6. Hey. I grow them fine vertically. On one hill I grow them 7feet up and then along a wire between a tree and shed. Hops like to grow upwards but they grow fine vertical with a little help and you get the benefit of having them in reach for easy picking.

  7. Hi I am interested in purchasing some Pioneer rhizomes.... Any help???Thanks......j

  8. You can source cascades on jims beer website

  9. Hi,
    Just to everyone know the Aplus Hops website is now active. They've been pretty reliable/helpful in my experience.

  10. Hi there,
    Can you recommend somewhere to buy dried hops or any other dried flowers online? Or nurseries around Huddersfield, better in Huddersfield.

  11. Willingham nurseries offer a lot of different hops, also cascade.
    As for dried hops, try looking at They ship dried hops, and they offer a huge amunt of different sorts.

  12. have visited Essentially hops in Kent today. Great choice of hop plants on show to buy. Being an absolute novice, I was hoping to chat to a 'grower' type expert to make an informed choice. Unfortunately none on hand. I am now back at base getting interweb info to get info to make my choice.
    They had every variety shown on their website, Fuggle, Pheonix, Challenger, Brambling Cross, etc, as well as Cascade which isn't mentioned on their site. Will head back to buy Coir string and a couple of plants today/tomorrow.