Lets all jump aboard

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It seems the media, concerned public and politicians have all jumped on the condemning bandwagon with BBC Radio 2's 'The Russell Brand Show' prank calls involving Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross to Andrew Sachs.

I wont comment on the prank call itself. Its the reaction I find amusing. Its a radio broadcast with just 400,000 listeners and a few complaints. Four days later the mail on sunday asked Sachs agent for comment creating a snow ball effect with the media gradually running the story non stop totalling up 1800 complaints.

What makes this more undue is politicians jumping on the bandwagon. First with David Cameron "I don't think it was appropriate. I don't think it was in keeping with broadcasting". Then later that day the Prime Minister calls the incident "clearly inappropriate and unacceptable". Its amazing don't you think? They find the time to talk about a trivial media onslaught on two popular comedians/hosts away from issues such as poverty, Iraq, Afghanistan and the recent failure of what some might call world wide capitalism. Makes you think don't it?

Listing Hardware

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For a full detailed list of hardware on ubuntu try:
sudo lshw

The list hardware tool creates a detailed list of hardware organized by component. For example:

description: Lithium Ion Battery
product: PA3098U
physical id: 1
version: 05/25/2001
serial: 3658Q
slot: 1st Battery
capacity: 3900mWh
configuration: voltage=14.8V

You can output the list to a html document by running:
sudo lshw -html > hardware.html

On other debian based distributions you may find lshw is not installed by default in which case try aptitude install lshw.

Licher Weizen Hefe Hell

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Brewed by Licher Privatbrauerei. Lich, Hessen, Germany. Website can be found at licher.de/brauerei/biere/weizen/.

Commercial Description:
Licher Weizen gets its characteristic aroma and taste from being brewed out of wheat blessed by the sun and finest yeast. It is typically brewed according to the "Deutsches Reinheitsgebot", which is the oldest food law worldwide (dated 1516). Licher Weizen should be served in the typical glasses, so that it looks just like it tastes: perfectly refreshing!

Pours a hazy amber colour. Thick white head. Light sweet hay-like malt aroma. Medium body with smooth mouth feel. Tastes sweeter than other hefeweizen with yeast, wheat, and banana notes. Little bitterness with moderate sweetness. Slight spicy after taste. 5.4% strength.

Rating: Nice.
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: A pleasant Hefeweizen.

Writer's World Maker

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I've always wanted writers tools for linux and so has the creator of Writer's World Maker.

"I am a fiction writer, when I converted to Ubuntu from Windows I had problems finding the tools I used to use in Windows. Running them under Wine never worked right for me so I decided to write the software I needed for myself and for the kind Ubuntu /Linux world that gave us such a cool and free OS. "

It allows you to organize chapters and scenes. Characters, places, and notes can all be added. The layout is efficient. It took me 5 minutes of playing around to understand how it works. There's no 'get started guide' but it all makes sense after trying. Select a chapter, then create a scene (right click over the text box and select add new scene), select the scene which shows the text below and write.

If you like to write and use linux you can find a deb and other packages at www.wwmkr.com.