End of Netscape

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Well its finally ending with AOL setting the support date set to 1st of March.

It recommends Flock or Firefox.


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For a few days now I've been playing around with weebly. It's a free personal website host and creator. Offers a sweet ajax editor with nice wordpress/blog-ish designs. You can create normal pages but theres also a blog function with rss and categories too. So you can have a blog and a few pages. I may move my junk website from google pages.
At the moment sadly, apart from adding header images, you cant edit the designs. Although they are working on that.


Install Restricted Formats, OpenSUSE

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If your new to opensuse 10.3 you will notice theres no direct way to install mp3 support unless you get the Fluendo MP3 decoder. You can however download:
  • Flash
  • Java
  • Latest Amarok (with MP3 Support) for KDE, or Helix-Banshee for GNOME users
  • Encrypted DVD (libdvdcss)
  • Extra xine codecs, for MPEG-4 etc. (libxine1)
  • K3b with MP3 Support (k3b-codecs)
  • Win 32 Codecs (w32codec-all) (xine)
With just one click install at
Just select your desktop gnome or kde.

BTW: if you went with the Fluendo MP3 decoder way you wont be able to get equalizer working in amarok.

KDE Lock screen on lid close

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On openSUSE KDE 3.5.7, Kpowersave 0.7.x you can turn off the screen lock when you shut your laptop lid by going to 'Configure Kpowersave' (right click the battery/adapter icon in the system tray). Click the general settings tabs and look for 'Lock screen'. Un-cross "lock screen on lid close".

Click ok. And should be done.

Installed openSUSE 10.3

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Wanted a change from debian based distros. So I downloaded a copy of openSUSE to give it another go. Installed fine although something went wrong with the xserver I managed to find my way around sax2 (a YaST module) to get everything working fine.

Iv installed the KDE desktop version as you can see.

I love the kde menu and quite happy to say with this till I fancy a kde4 desktop.

It seems very fast and solid. My mepis install was very slow even with fluxbox. This seems to be on the same level as ubuntu. I may get back to some linux posts in the coming days.

Coordinates from Google maps

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Google keeps the coordinates, latitude and longitude in one of their API's. You can pull the coordinates of a location by running a short javascript line.

Just put this in the address bar while on google maps