Benefits of a blog

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I been thinking... Whats the point in a blog.

Heres what I came up with
  1. Insult people
  2. To remind you of things
  3. links... If your like me with sites/flash/pictures all over the web. It kinda helps to have them all in one place. Plus I forget urls a lot.
  4. Stalkers! You know who you are!
  5. Lists... Blogs need lots of them
  6. Pictures! everyone loves pictures
  7. Pointless Rubbish... like the above stuff you just read

Updates, updates and more updates

Sorted out a few things. A few bugs in the page when I view in IE. But I not too bothered about them.

List of all this rubbish:
  1. New banner
  2. Less crap on the menu
  3. Links updated... new blogs by arna and sonja
  4. Cartoon list updated
I need idea on what to blog...

Browse Like a Pirate in Firefox

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Being talk like a pirate day I thought this would pretty much fit in. The greesemonkey script alters text to pirate talk.

Bye bye msn live hello Amsn (windows)

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Lately it’s just not working for me. Signing on takes 2 or more trys. The web cam feature will not work full stop. Constantly signing off. It’s just useless.
The last time I tried amsn on windows was a while ago. I didn't really think much to it at first. I was already using it on ubuntu and it worked well on the linux platform. I like a lot of the skins, the web cam feature just works and there is a lot of possible customising options. Not to mention no annoying adverts.

Hopefully Amsn wont fail me on windows...

Amsn homepage
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Fluxbox on ubuntu

Fluxbox can be installed using apt-get with
sudo apt-get install fluxbox

Its fast, sleek and suitable for servers and low spec machines/laptops. One tip though if you dont know your way around the terminal you might find somethings harder than in gnome or kde.

My desktop:

Customize xterm (ubuntu)

I'v been using the xterm terminal for about a week now. I wanted to change it from the black text on a white background to a more matrix look for my fluxbox theme.

Edit ~/.Xdefaults with vim, gedit or your favourite editor. For example:
gedit ~/.Xdefaults

The text/code to change the background and forground (to go in the file).
XTerm*background: Black
XTerm*foreground: Green

After that run the comand below to activate the changes.
xrdb ~/.Xdefaults