New Things

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Having problems logging into blogger so im using Flock/blaggar to blog.

Several New things:

1. I have a new game called 'killing chavs' at Its my first flash game so dont expect anything amazing

2. I have some added new photos. Mainly black and whites. You can see them at

3. I'v been using Stumble Upon. Great firefox extention to find new random sites. Stumble Upon can be found at

What your browser says about you

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love what it says about shite IE 6:

You probably don’t know what a “browser” is and you think Internet is IE. You have no clue about technology, and you are generally afraid of computers. You also use your machine only for IM, chat, email and myspace. Your friends keep telling you about that “Fried Fox” thingy but you don’t really understand this stuff and never really had time to look into it.

Holy Cow Wolfenstein in 5K of JS

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Wolfenstein 5K was written for the 5K contest, which challenges entrants to create a web page in under 5120 bytes. According to its creators, "The idea behind the contest is that the rigid constraints of designing for the web are what force us to get truly creative."

... crazy, well coded.
Play it here

Thursday night...

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Sat in the yard...

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My boring pointless life

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This is basicly how my week goes:
  • Monday - do nothing
  • Tuesday - do nothing
  • Wednesday - do nothing unless asked to the pub
  • Thursday - go out, town or local pub
  • Friday - do nothing
  • Saturday - do nothing
  • Sunday - get every drunk and have dinner about it really

normally the "do nothing" days include working on some program, drawing a flash cartoon, taking photos, tv if theres anything on which there never is, watching films, walking, cleaning the house, surfing the net, msn, taking the piss out of linda, myspace,, talk to Arna, Ben, Chris, Sonja, Tamara, Nikki, Mark and checking/sending emails.