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Videos and music videos

IT Crowd episode Five


...and wow its easy to use. The templates are better and theres categories

Worksop short: Richard

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Brand spanking new cartoon
Comments welcome
See it here!

Commodore64 on the gp2x

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Im running a ported a vice emulator ( found here )
Runs games at full speed with sound ( or well it does for me ). Played Bubble bobble on it and ran some BASIC. The emulator has its own virtual keyboard which works fine for me.

The almighty blue c64 screen

Bubble bobble

T610/T630 Hacks

The t630 is a great phone. I use it daily so I want to try out hacks and get the most out of it.


A. First, configure a dummy WAP Profile:
1. Connectivity
2. WAP Options
3. WAP Profiles
4. Add profile
5. Name: "SMS" (whatever you like)
6. OK
7. Connect using: press Edit
8. New Account
9. GSM data
10. Name: "SMS" (again, whatever you like)
11. OK
12. Phone No: "+" (hold 0) as in your text box should only display a plus ''+'' sign(without the '')
13. OK
14. SAVE
15. IP address: (or whatever you like)(any no. will do just fill up all the spaces)
16. Press SAVE
17. Select the profile you have just created (SMS)
18. Exit to your main screen after selecting your sms profile

B. Now, configure the WAP button to write a new SMS:
1. Connectivity
2. WAP Options
3. WAP Profiles
4. "SMS" should be selected. Press Edit.
5. Advanced
6. Change Homepage
7. Name: "SMS"
8. Change Homepage Address: "mailto:" (without the "")[REMEMBER TO WRITE -M-A-I-L-T-O-:- WITH THE ':' ][without the - and '']
9. OK

If u have save a number in memory when using the calculator, press the Volume button +

When you are in standby press: >*<<*<* For unlock press: <**<


Bluejacking guide for T610/T630 here
The service menu is usefull for running tests (if you think you phones faulty)

***update 8th feb 07***
The service function hack works with most of Sony Ericsson's if not all that (that i'v came across)
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If I were a NetHack monster, I would be a floating eye. I see and sense absolutely everything that happens around me. I just don't do very much about it.
Which NetHack Monster Are You?

Yes... I see all

New GP2X site

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Game pack have new a site. Makes me want to buy a another one.

Added tagcloud

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Hopefully it will work and I can start to add it to hackerslife

edit: did not work... DAM you atom feed! RSS is much better!

My beer

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Took a picture and photoshoped it on to another of my pictures :)

Firefox "memory leak"

If you listened to Twit you would know about this because it was one of the topics.
Firefox does not have memory problems. This blog article sets it straight.
Firefox downloads a number of pages while viewing a page, which is what causes the high use of memory.

To turn this off you type about:config into the addressbar and find browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers setting the value to a 0.
Read about it here

The blog reports that firefox 2 will feature better memory management. Good blog

Father Ted: Speed!

More Trigger Happy

Guide to blogging

A lot of you have blogs but for people who dont, read this wiki here.

Andy Milonakis

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This show from mtv. No i dont get it either.

Firefox: use the tabs!

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I see a number of people not using firefox tabs for new window links. It makes surfing less messy, which is one of the reasons IE users moved to firefox.

The image below shows you the tick box to force new windows to open in a new tab. (Options, tabs)

Hannah Teter's victory run post gold medal

Wow Oo,

I think this is the highest scoring run in the Women's snowboarding. Kelly Clark was also good to watch.

Hyperdrive: E5 clare

Doing a lot of watching tonight. Thought I would blog this since I missed it. Funny sci-fi show.

Jonathan Ross' Asian Invasion 2006

"Jonathan goes to Tokyo to see if Japanese cinema has gone off the boil, as some critics suggest. He meets directors Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus) and Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell) and surveys the current crop of Japanese films, including the strange tale of a giant squid turned championship wrestler."
Being a fan of japanese cinema I thought I better blog this. Hayao Miyazaki (the best creator of animation) films are seen too, such as Spirited Away which has to be one of the best films I ever seen. The art work in his films is just amazing.

Also note: this is nearly 60mins long!
Programs website

Matrix spoof

Seen this film before and before you ask no I dont know whats its called... I forgot the name. It was a stupid film. This is the best bit of it.

BBC's Snowboarding site

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Great website ( here ) showing videos of tricks. Need to find a video of Hannah Teter's gold run on the half pipe.

New Mclaren MP4-21

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Wope up this morning to find this in the news

Nice car! the best looking car in f1, just hope it goes as fast as it looks.


...very cool open source media player program. Runs on Firefox's engine and some flash. Looks like itunes and runs well for a preview.

(image compressed)

New pictures

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... at my picture site

Aliens got bored they left us a message which can be seen on google maps. The horror!

Seen the near the village of Billingley in yorkshire. Spans around 40 metres.
Can be seen here
other notes: whos eddie?

Hacking windows start button [video]

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5 min VB6 program Save msn contacts

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Not posted any code for a long time on any blog so thought I would publish this vb6 program to save contacts to txt file.

What you need:
  • a brain
Other things you will need!
  • A working VB6 ( we dont need .net, otherwise I would have done this in C# )
  • Msn

Every control on the program is by defualt name. You dont need to rename any control! Start a new project and add
  • 1 Textbox
  • 1 command button
  • 1 label
  • microsoft common dialog control 6.0 (find it in project, components or CTRL - T) drag that in anywhere on the form
  • Setup a reference to Messenger API Type library (find it in project, reference)
The command button should have a caption like save. The textbox is where the contacts are going to be shown. It should have a scroll and be enough to see a whole contact with out scrolling side ways.

the form code:
'code writen by // 2006
Private Sub Form_Load()
Set msn = New MessengerAPI.Messenger
' set msn as msnAPI
Dim msncontact As IMessengerContact 'contact stuff
Dim msncontacts As IMessengerContacts
Set msncontacts = msn.MyContacts

For Each msncontact In msncontacts 'start to add all the contacts to the list
'in a FOR NEXT loop
Text1.Text = Text1.Text + vbCrLf 'new line

Label1.Caption = "Number of contacts" & " " & msncontacts.Count 'will show the number
'of contacts
End Sub

Now for saving the contacts using the CommonDialog1 control.
the command1 (the button) code:
Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim filename As String

On Error GoTo SaveAsErr
'the txt file filter
If Me.CommonDialog1.filename =
"" Then
Me.CommonDialog1.DefaultExt = "txt"
Me.CommonDialog1.Filter = _
"Text Files (*.txt)|*.txt"
End If
' display the Save As dialog
' get the resulting filename
filename = CommonDialog1.filename
Open filename For Output As #1
Print #1, Label1.Caption + vbCrLf + Text1.Text 'save god dam it!
Close #1

SaveAsErr: 'abandon ship
Exit Sub
End Sub

Ok so I have not really commented much on the file saving part, but its really simple stuff.
You should having something like this

If your getting errors running it make sure you have selected Messenger API Type library in references or its just not going to work. If you dont like the CommonDialog method of saving then use more simple method like below to save the text file to C:\contacts.txt
Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim hFile As Long
Dim sFilename As String
sFilename = "c:\contacts.txt"
hFile = FreeFile
Open sFilename For Output As #hFile
Print #1, Label1.Caption + vbCrLf + Text1.Text
Close #hFile
End Sub

You can write a lot of small programs in vb6 for msn. Have fun

Funny little animation

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annoyed by... Blogger!

Over the past few days I have not been able to keep a post for more than a day with out it disapearing and another post being copyed several times. Some people had no problems. My other blog hackerslife ( linux and hacks blog ) could not post more than one post! I was at post 1675 ( or something like that ) thinking I wernt allowed no more posts. After reading some FAQs on blogger and noticing people flaming on fourms about blogger being down ... I left it.

BTW the video showing the start button hack is in a new section "videos" and links updated once again. Emo185's ( mr games master himself ) started a new blog about games. You can find the link in friends.

Worksop site updated

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The page is 100% CSS design. Could be used for a blog.

Download the What what

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Everyone should download the what what

A chewy blog

Lee Mack - Live At The Apollo (clip)

...Yeah what he said!

Rich Hall Live at The Apollo

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This dude is very funny, the bill gates joke is really funny ! I had to blog this, i found it while doing some work.

How to play darts the right way.... with Cars!