Nearly Christmas... once again

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Well its that time of year again... time of college soon to do nothing. Will hopefully be working to get the new cartoon done, I stopped working on it for a bit to get new ideas.
I think I should note that I going to post my fav song of the week on here every Tuesday or Wednesday just so you can get an idea what I been listening to the past week but mainly it will give me a chance to post something.

Hackerslife was 1 year old on 2nd Dec although it never got going till springtime. I will hopefully be posting something on there that I personal have written at some point. I will write something on DSL damn small Linux, what a name. I only got it yesterday... only 50mb and runs within windows. Been trying it out and I got to say I liking it.

For the people that know I have been playing a game called Goonzu ... i still only got a level 15 and a level 12. Pretty fun game. Hard to come of it sometimes.

I really got to try and not post crap on here, I really do. It’s turning into a big mess.

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