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Anyone that has pidgin will have finch. It's the text-based version of pidgin. You can run it in a console. The main advantage is its fast, lightweight and more compatible with other unix OS's.
The buddy list with blurred contacts ;)

All the windows can be moved around within the program. And there is a an action menu to open the different windows like the buddy list and status options like below.

Moving around in finch is easy once you get the basics. To start it just use the command 'finch'. Tab moves from control to control. Depending on your META key (most likely alt) Alt-n/m moves windows left to right. Alt-c to close a window. Alt-a for action menu. Check out for help with moving around.

Cant start x? Then it might be a good idea to start finch in a terminal and cry for help from a buddy :).

Don't have pidgin?
Debian/Ubuntu users can try and install the deb from

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