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I love Firefox just as much as any other open source geek, I like the Mozilla gecko engine, it renders pages fast and properly unlike IE. A few days ago I noticed a blog post on some blog (cant remember it) calling Mozilla for there to be a Firefox lite. Well if anyone really wants a lite Firefox there is Epiphany. Of course you will need gnome. Though I run it within fluxbox with gnome installed. I have used it once before along time ago and I wasn't impressed by it all. I guess I was stuck in my ways with Mozilla and Netscape navigator. After trying it today I am confidant to say I like it.

Its the fastest GUI browser I have working on a 1ghz, 256mb celeron. I think its a little quicker than Firefox to load but it defiantly beats Firefox on loading pages.

It features
  • Gecko engine (used by FireFox)
  • Smart address bar / Google search
  • FireFox 2 like tabs
  • Security / privacy options
  • Extensions such as ad blocking and smart bookmarks
  • Nice zoom feature
  • Customizable toolbar
I just miss the search plugins for wikipedia and ubuntu packages. I haven't yet fully understood how the spell checker works if there is one. But hey generally I like this browser.
To install it look for the epiphany-browser package or
sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser

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