Another Year

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So its the start of a new bloging run this year. I haven't been up to much. Apart from reading a few discworld books. Making money (basically going postal 2) was a pretty nice book to read. However it is just a continuation of the original characters in going postal. Moist von Lipwig has to take over the bank and update it just like the post office. The amount of people complaining it has nothing is new is ridiculous. There are plenty of discworld books that continue from one another. Maybe not in a short space of time as this one but still. I finally got around to reading Guards Guards. Which is the funniest book iv ever read. Defiantly the best discworld book however, I am now reading small gods so we will see.

Hoping to make some beer soon. Lowenbrau Light Blonde Special from 'Brewing beers, Like those you buy' By Dave Line.

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