Black Wych Stout

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Brewed by Wychwood Refresh (Marstons).
Commercial Description:
Black Wych is a spellbinding brew of roasted black malt and oats with a broom-full of progress hops. This is a recipe for a velvety smooth stout with a full dry and biscuity flavour and a clean cut aromatic bitterness.

Deep black appearance. Little brown head. Roasted malts with a little lemon hoppy hint aroma. Quite a light mouth feel for a stout. Has a strong roasted malt flavour with a light vanilla taste not to overwhelm. Dry chocolate malt finish. Little spicy after taste. Well balanced. 5% is a good strength.

Rating: Not bad.
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: Quite light bodied yet strong flavoured.

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