Lets all jump aboard

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It seems the media, concerned public and politicians have all jumped on the condemning bandwagon with BBC Radio 2's 'The Russell Brand Show' prank calls involving Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross to Andrew Sachs.

I wont comment on the prank call itself. Its the reaction I find amusing. Its a radio broadcast with just 400,000 listeners and a few complaints. Four days later the mail on sunday asked Sachs agent for comment creating a snow ball effect with the media gradually running the story non stop totalling up 1800 complaints.

What makes this more undue is politicians jumping on the bandwagon. First with David Cameron "I don't think it was appropriate. I don't think it was in keeping with broadcasting". Then later that day the Prime Minister calls the incident "clearly inappropriate and unacceptable". Its amazing don't you think? They find the time to talk about a trivial media onslaught on two popular comedians/hosts away from issues such as poverty, Iraq, Afghanistan and the recent failure of what some might call world wide capitalism. Makes you think don't it?

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