Learn Morse Code on Ubuntu

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I recently became a scout assistant-leader. As you do. One of their activities is the use of morse code.

Enter aldo. A morse code learning tool released under GPL. It plays morse code and you have to identify/translate it. It has the Koch method which starts at 2 charters then once mastered it moves on to 3 charters. Then 4 and so on. Classic method, random characters, is also available.

Aldo is listed under package name aldo. Install with: sudo apt-get install aldo. Run it in a terminal by entering aldo. Simple really. Its better to run it on xterm or one of its variants.

To translate code I use the chart on www.learnmorsecode.com.
See www.nongnu.org/aldo for other aldo download sources.

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  1. Hi,

    I just found your weblog while searching for tools to learn morse code. Just wanted to let you know that, if you ever want your weblog aggregated on ubuntuweblogs.org, please let me know.

    Tiago. Thanks for tips too. aldo is great.