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When I first started using linux based operating systems there was no GUI video editing tools. However, today the situation is improving with projects like Cinelerra and Kino. For simple editing though Avidemux on Ubuntu is great.

Avidemux can be used for simple editing and converting videos. With a user-friendly interface it supports AVI, DVD compatible MPEG, MP4, FLV and ASF.

I tested it with a ripped mp4 encoded youtube movie and converted it into an avi format. The setup was simple, the process didn't take long and the final result was perfect. I can see this being useful if you convert videos daily and like to make basic cuts.

You can install it by sudo apt-get install avidemux. Other packages include a qt version for KDE users avidemux-qt. A Command line version is available too avidemux-cli.

For other builds and tutorials see fixounet.free.fr/avidemux.

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