The invention of morel

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I have recently studied the lists (there's a few out there) of books from lost.

One of them caught my eye: The invention or morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares. "Sawyer was reading this book about a fugitive on a deserted island while living at the Others' barracks in episode 4 of season 4 ("Eggtown")".

I don't remember the episode. Season 4 sometimes became a choir to watch. Is that a nasty thing to say? I love series 5. Finally its going somewhere.

Just from the description and the fact that sawyer was reading it, I had to read the book. Its quite short being about a hundred pages. That doesn't bother you when your reading war and peace at the same time. Mainly plot based with it written in the form of a diary by a fugitive. While escaping the police he is told about a deserted island. The only warning is that the temporary inhabitants died horribly. Living on the island, to the surprise of the narrator, people show up and strange events occur.

I wont spoil the plot. There are a lot of connections to lost. An island. Weird others. It is eerie and a mix of science fiction fantasy. Enjoyable little read. I may read more books from lost.

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