The Dwarf Crew are back

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I was going to wait and review it later, but I cant wait. In about 7 hours the first part of the new Red Dwarf will be shown on Dave. After ten years and the miserably failed movie attempts, its finally back.

I've been itching to see new episodes since sales of the dvd's always do well, and the endless calls for the movie. Having a 10 year wait a 3 part special is just as good. I'm hoping its not going to be a lifeless remake of itself, but a continuation.

"Red Dwarf" has been a trending topic for most of the day. Seems like dwarfers populate twitter. Even one of the cast are on twitter. Robert Llewllyn who played the Kryten

Red dwarf is on at 9 on Dave. I know right? Dave! Who would have thought.

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