What I read this January and February.

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Last year I only read 30 books. That includes huge novels such as Brothers Karamazov, the Idiot and Anna Karenina.

So far to beat that, for the first two months of the year, I've read 5. I have been busy with 'things' and tend to try and squeeze an hour's reading everyday. 

Resurrection, Tolstoy. Different to other works. The style is more direct. It is about a nobleman who got his childhood friend, a servant girl, pregnant and forgot about her. He stumbles upon her later in life in court as a prostitute and tries to make up for it. 3/5

Galapagos, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Sci-fi Darwinism. A group of stranded humans -the only ones left, are stranded on the Galapagos and evolve. 2/5. 

No Country for Old Men, Cormac McCarthy. Thriller written with Cormac's minimal style. A Vietnam veteran comes across a bag load of drug money and is chased by a violent psychopath. 4/5. 

Notes from Underground, Dostoyevsky. Existentialist ramblings of an outcast. Not for those who are presently comfortable in society or life, if so I doubt you could relate to it. Written in two parts. The philosophy of the underground man, and a short story. I prefer his later work like the Idiot. 4/5.

Tropic of Cancer, Henry Miller. I find it funny how this was banned for so long. At first Miller tries to hard to shock with the four letter c word with efforts that seem laughable in today's context. However after a couple pages he writes, and writes well. Dream like at times with pages and pages of raw description and monologues. 3/5.

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