Whats the point of AmigaOS 4.0

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...When you have open source operating systems like linux, AROS or dragonfly bsd (amiga inspired bsd unix) that can run on anything...

I just cant see the point in an updated 20 year old operating system. Not saying I wouldn't try it out, far from it. I would download it and try emulating it on windows/Linux if I could. To run it on its own hardware would require 'unique hardware'. You can buy a refurbished Amiga A1200 that can run AmigaOS 3.5 or 3.9 for £95. Again I dont see why anyone would want to fork out on buying old hardware to run this. A lot Unix/Linux OS's can run on anything old or new from Ipods, consoles and a load of microprocessors.

If you use to use amigaOS or thinking about it go use something open source and intel compatible like Amiga Research Operating System (AROS).

"AROS is a portable and free desktop operating system aiming at being compatible with AmigaOS 3.1, while improving on it in many areas. The source code is available under an open source license, which allows anyone to freely improve upon it."

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