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My name is Richard. I'm 20 and from the UK. Currently living in Nottinghamshire. I started this blog for something to do. It started life as a scrap book with the addition of the times I would write about anything I like. It changes as I do. At the moment as you can see its mainly about open source software and beer. Good combo eh :)

I have quite a few interests such as Unix/Linux, ubuntu, programming, photography, beer and home brewing.

Photos I keep a separate blog for at photoforamonth.blogspot.com. If you like photography you will like Arna's, one of my best friends, photos at falloftheraven.blogspot.com

Linux wise I love the ubuntu desktop linux os because of the great attitude within it's community. If a user has a hack/program/fix then normally he or she with will post it on the ubuntu forms/personal blog to share with others. I started playing with Linux about 4 years ago out of interest and to broaden my knowledge with an already bored view of Windows.

Programming wise I like C\C++ and just recently I have been trying Ruby on Linux. Years ago I started with C and VB6 on the Windows platform like so many did my age. HTML, CSS, PHP and flash action script followed from there.

Beer wise I love the taste of Guinness and real ale. Some of my favourite beers iv tried are Old speckled hen, Green king and Guinness special export. I started brewing when I was 17/18 years old. Since then I have brewed 2 barley wines, 2 stouts and an English bitter.

Movie wise
I'm a movie buff. Godfather, Blade Runner, Logans run (sadly being remade), Alien, Spirited away and the Goodfellas. But apart from classics I like terrible films like hackers and critters.

Game wise I don't play to many games. I lost interest when I hit 15 and got interested in going out with friends and beer. But now and then I like to play a quick game. Like BZflag (Annemarie kicks my ass on it) and football manager games.

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