Pitch Black Stout

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We tried out a good beer last night called 'pitch black'. Very nice stout made by Everards. On the website it says its a seasonal ale so it does not look like they have it all year round.

You will most likely like it if you like Guinness or Murphy's stout. Ben and I are stout drinkers and we both agreed it was very nice.

On the website it also tells you the malt and hop type used. It uses 'Maris Otter' malt and good old Challenger hops (probably my favourite hop). Its 4.3% and can be drank all night.

I checked it out on rate beer [dot] com (here if it works) and the mardy old beer tasters gave it a 33%. So I joined up and gave it a 4.1 (I didn't want to just sign up and give it top marks. It would seem stupid to the people who rate a lot of beer there) which put up to a 39% go me.

Rating: Good stout, easy drinking.
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: very good.

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