Installed xubuntu

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Well I dropped kde for xfce a few days ago wanting a change and taking advantage of long term support of xubuntu 8.04.

I tried switched on compositing so I could use Avant Window Navigator (bottom of the bellow screenshot). I have blogged about awn before. Its a great dock like application for navigating windows and lunching applications. Even though I have used it sometime ago with gnome I noticed a performance drain on xfce.

If your using awn with xfce have you noticed you cant drag and drop desktop icons/launchers in to the launcher? Well to do so you need to create a launcher the normal way. Right click desktop and choose 'Create launcher' *Below*. Find the program you want to create a launcher for by typing in the name. Once you have chosen it you (THE IMPORTANT BIT) must shorten the name to one word then remove the comment. After clicking create you may now drag it to awn.

I really like to keep things efficient so I turned all the compositing stuff off. That means no extras just xfce4. Nice and fast.

Xubuntu is just like ubuntu however the install went blank during the final step and my windows partition wasn't loaded. I had to edit fstab myself. I know 'Boohoo' says the bash master.

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