Svyturys Baltas Wheat Beer

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This is a Hefeweizen from Lithuanian by a brewery called Svytury which merged with Utenos Alus and now apart of the Carlsberg Group. Talk about beer monopoly.

My bottle was 5.0% however some places on the web list it as a 5.2%. Its a cloudy yellow coloured drink with a short foamy head when pouring. Banana with citrus hints aroma. Tastes lighter than most other wheat beers iv tried. Its still sweet and yeasty like other wheat beers but it could be better. It says on the bottle:

"it may be flavoured with a piece of fresh lemon"

I guess that would give it something extra. Especially for people who are not into 'real beer'.

Funny enough it does taste like my second wheat beer I made a while ago and also Iv never had a Lithuanian drink.

Rating: Okay.
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: Light wheat beer. Its not the best example of Hefeweizen but that doesn't stop it being drinkable/enjoyable.


  1. Maybe not the best, but i would rate Svyturys wheat beer it very high. I was pleasantly surprised when i tried it for the first time. It can easily compare with most german or belgian Hefeweizen.

  2. Very drinkable and enjoyable. I would agree that it could easily compete with most german and other Hefeweizen.