Rainy day and strawberry runners

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Went to the allotment today. It's nice to work in the rain for a change, I dont have to water the garden.

Found two strawberry runners starting to form so I pinned them down ready for rooting. I have never tried pinning them down, last year I left them alone and I got three plants from six or five.

The variety is Elsanta. We got them last year to replace my granddads strawberry patch which disappeared somewhere. When I was little I would go pick them. He had the same strawberries for years, I don't know what the variety was but, I remember him pulling out runners and fitting them into a line.



A few other pictures.

French beans are in. Courgettes wont be long. Gerkins getting bigger.



I had 3 or 4 melons but they got eaten! This is the last tiny sad melon.


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