What I read this September

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The Idiot by Dostoevsky. Imagine a grown man as innocent as Christ in a material-greed obsessed society, and then make him wealthy and fall in love for reasons he cannot understand, and you have, in a simplistic way, the premise of The Idiot. At times it's about someone finally enjoying life, while at other times it's like witnessing a saint falling from everything. This is my third Dostoevsky title, I think I'll move to Notes from the Underground one grey day.

A Farewell to Arms by Hemingway. The only other Hemingway I've read is For Whom the Bell Tolls -a Spanish Civil War story, this however was more enjoyable and set during the World War. The plot is straightforward, but not predictable. The war scenes are chaotic and you even start to believe, as do the characters, the war is endless. The love plot and drinking is very Hemingway, beautifully written and cuts all the crap.

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