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The problem with gnomes screenshot program is that its terribly slow for me. Like most things, the command line makes things faster, scrot standing for SCReen shOT and nothing rude, takes quick screen shots from the command line. It has plenty of optional parameters too.

Install Scrot in ubuntu 7.04 with
sudo apt-get install scrot

Using scrot
Open a console and using 'scrot image.png'. That will take a screen shot of the whole desktop and call the shot image.png in the home folder.
If your wanting a screen shot of a window with its border use 'scrot -s -b image.png' and select a window with the mouse.
To add a delay to a shot use 'scrot -d image.png' replacing with the number of seconds you want to delay it. You can add -c which adds a count down like so:

Parameters from Scrot manual (man scrot)
-b, --border
When selecting a window, grab wm border too

-c, --count
Display a countdown when used with delay.

-d, --delay NUM
Wait NUM seconds before taking a shot.

-e, --exec APP
Exec APP on the saved image.

-q, --quality NUM
Image quality (1-100) high value means high size, low compression.
Default: 75. (Effect differs depending on file format chosen).

-m, --multidisp
For multiple heads, grab shot from each and join them together.

-s, --select
Interactively select a window or rectangle with the mouse.

-t, --thumb NUM
generate thumbnail too. NUM is the percentage of the original size
for the thumbnail to be.

Official scrot home page at

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