Ubuntu and a HP printer

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As most of you know I have had major problems with my internet connection working on my main computer. Very weird stuff. Anyways I finally installed Ubuntu 7.04 on the main pc. I was a little scared. All my photos the hard drive of this pc. I backed them all up on a few dvds and got started on the install. Sized my 2nd hard drive ntfs a little down. Then stuck a ext3 and swap on the end. Installed Ubuntu. Installed my speedtouch in about 10 mins and I was on the net. Sadly though the computer disconnects from the net after about 30 mins with both OS's and both modems (I have 2 thanks to ben).

I have a cheap HP deskjet D2360 for text documents. Though HP are cheapskates for making the damn ink cartridges so tiny. I plugged it in the usb. I went to the printing section in administration and it found a driver. Well hmm not much for me to do but print a test page.

Was amazed by the setup. I thought devices under linux were hard to install? The Ubuntu printer settings and driver properties:

As you can see from above im using a driver for a similar model. Still works fine.
The big Ubuntu printer test page:

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