Allotment update march week 3

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I started putting potatoes in. A patch of pink fir apple (weird salad potato) and a patch of rocket. I'm using compost from the old compost bin to give them a kick.

Seeds sowed:

  • Cabbage
  • Lettuce
  • Sprouts
  • Cape gooseberries - whatever they are
  • Onion sets
  • Sunflowers

Made a small fire and made someone fetch their washing in. (Wind kept changing direction.)

A second bean pole fence is up on the other side, enclosing the plot. Built by my sister and I, it needs more poles to finish. 

A hop frame is up -its not tall enough so might add something. Still no sign of hops however, a small rhizome from last years cutting experiments is starting to grow in the greenhouse (picture included).

A large carpet now sits on the plot. All I need now is the kitchen sink and I'm sorted.

Still not sure where everything is going. I have a small reclusive patch behind a shed and runner bean fence for maybe huge pumpkins or melons or corn. Not sure which.


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