February reading

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A lot of lostie books this month, prepare for lost geekness.

The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky. A book featured on lost, and is claimed to contain "everything there was to know about life" in slaughterhouse five. It has a lot of philosophy, parricide, and religion. It's a story of a feuding family including a mad father, his three sons, and one illegitimate son. The characters are realistic and the human insight Dostoevsky has is brilliant. One of the events that most intrigued me is when Liza Khokhlakov slams her finger in the door. There is no explanation given, only a short comment by Ivan a few pages later on, but it is left to the reader to make his or her mind up. The obvious connection to lost is the parricide theme, where John Locke is has to kill his father in episode 'The Brig'. I give it 4.5/5.????

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. I read this at school and have always associated 'George' with the book. I bought a cheap copy and the next day on lost Sawyer is claiming it be his favourite.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQ9NSFGO4hM?wmode=transparent]
For a little book it has a lot of weight. I give it 4/5.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. This is one of those books that is constantly referred to on lost to the point where white rabbits show up and even episode titles referrer to it. In many ways, I guess, the island of lost is the modern equivalent of wonderland, especially when it first started when we had no clue what was going on. Overall it's a surreal tale of nonsense held together by Alice, a bright little moody girl. I'll give it 3/5.??

I've also been reading Vonnegut short stories, Welcome to the Monkeyhouse, but I think I'll save a lot of them for a rainy day.

Reading next: Aesop's Fables, Third Police man, and Cats cradle. ??

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