Gnome NetHack

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Get old school! or well kind of with Gnome's nethack. I mean look at it, its all GTK on there. A little nicer to look at than small text characters running around trying to kill you.


This game is about the same age as me, its previous incarnations are even older than me, yet it's addictive. Very hard to play though. You will find that you die a lot and that this is problem since it means game over. Fall into some randomly unseen trap and your frustratingly dead with your keyboard smashed to bits after seeing your level 20 monk fall into a pit. Anyways moving on the GUI features make it a little more simple compared to the text based interface. Which is better for new players.

The text version

Whats a stripling? haha

Install the Gnome version on ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install nethack-gnome

The text based version is installed with
sudo apt-get install nethack-console

I forgot to add there seems to be a bug in the ubuntu gnome nethack build. You start a new games and the window disappears. Get get around this by running this command:

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