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I prefer this front end to the default. Although it doesn't uninstall the default. It launches from the boot with a script with the default running in the background. Its better because it allows you to make links to various program, emulators and games. Its not only a laucher, its also has a built-in overclocker, gamma and volume configuration and ram timings tweaker. Above all it looks better.

The default

The GMenu2x

If you don't like the look of it you can skin it. Its not hard. All you need is the Gimp or a copy of photoshop. Resize a wallpaper and save it as the bk.png in the img folder. The bars at the top and bottom and be colourised from within the options.

You get the sd card files from
Just stick all the files /directories and the autorun.gpu on the root.

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