Haiku OS

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I'm really impressed with this inspired BeOS operating system, haiku. It was known as openBeOS. The project changed it's name in order to avoid trademark crap with Palm (who bought the original BeOS in 2001).
It's remarkable what the project has archived since it began in 2001. Building a whole new OS that is compatible with BeOS on a binary/source level. That means you can run BeOS software from years ago.

After coming across the projects website haiku-os.org. I downloaded the vmware player image and had a play around. Its not a very big image, only 27mb. I downloaded the Happy Easter Edition with Basic Network Support, although I wasn't able to get vmware to network.

When you boot it your shown this neat looking desktop.

As you can see. It comes with the BASH shell. Which is good. Its the only thing I am comfortable with on this OS.

Even though it's a small image there are a few demos and applications. Iv read somewhere it can play mp3's and avi files with the media players. If your looking for a browser in the image below there inst one to my knowledge however you can get a build of firefox!. The interface looks like BeOS, not sure if it feels like BeOS, having not played with it before. However, it works well. Not over the top yet nice on the eyes and simple.

Haiku is still in development. I think its very promising. I could spend a few hours on this just playing around with everything. One thing I am wondering about with the ability to run BeOS software would it be able to run Apache for BeOS. Getting it up and running as a sever would be sweet.

Download a test image from haiku-os.org/downloads