Richards Barley Wine

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a.k.a Barley wine #2

It maybe a bit young but last night I had a try. And today I had a craving for it. The keg is full of gas. When I get pour some into a glass its got a 3cm head on it. The Picture doesn't do it justice but you cant buy this stuff in the shops! The only way to taste real strong barley wine is to make it yourself. Yeah you can buy some small seasonal barley wines and then there's gold label. But it's not the same to me. This stuff is so strong you only need a little glass and you can feel the effects. Unfortunately like an ass I didn't take a o.g reading but I used a basic calculator on the web estimated it at 8% but dam it tastes stronger. The aroma is a sweet smell with a little toffee/honey hint. The taste is sweet with a little tiny sour kick, its very warming. No way I'm giving this recipe out :) The best thing I ever brewed. Will be making some more at some point for the winter. Maybe experiment a bit.

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