DOSBox on ubuntu

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You can play old dos games on linux with DOSBox. DOSBox is a gpl cross platform DOS emulator. It has also been ported to psp and gp2x hardware.

Ubuntu users can download & install with:
sudo apt-get install dosbox

To play games first you need to mount a directory to the emulators C drive. I do this by 'mount c /home/username/games'. Type c: to open the folder (this is a DOS emulator after all) then enter the filename of the game like game.exe. If your looking for auto mounting read

Runs Discworld fine...

You can download discworld at

I also tried a game I use to play years ago on DOS.

Thats rights its Electro Man. Your amazed at the graphics right? It doesn't really have anything to do with electric. You play some sort of tin man or robocop and shoot at alien things. Well it was shit then and its still shit now. What a crap game.

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