Adnams Explorer

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This a beer from Adnams from Southwold, Suffolk, England.
Brewers description:
Adnams Explorer is a light and refreshing blonde beer, with some citrus notes and grapefruit aromas. Fantastic served chilled. Adnams Explorer captures the spirit of discovery by blending Chinook and Columbus hops from the New World. The best in traditional brewing with a contemporary edge.

It pours with no head. Clear amber colour. A nice 5.5% strength. Aroma is similar to a IPA, lots of floral hops but with a slight fruit sent. Taste slightly roasted malted and caramel with small citrus tang to it. More than adverage carbonation. Watery feel to it but it does say LIGHT on the bottle so im not going to expect guinness out of this am I now? Not really had to many blonde ales but this ale fits the description.

Rating: It's okay.
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: A decent light ale from Adnams. Non ale drinkers are going to like it.

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